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So, you’ve made the smart financial move and invested in a turnkey. While it seems like sunny skies ahead, one of the most frustrating parts of managing your turnkey comes from daily issues with tenants. From late rent payments to maintenance issues, it can be a lot for one investor to handle. That’s where property management comes in. Here we’ll talk about some of the reasons you need property management for your turnkey and just how you can get started.

Never Chase Down Your Check

One of most difficult jobs of a turnkey rental property owner can be collecting late rent payments. But not with a property manager! When you work with property managers they will ensure payment will be directly deposited into your bank account when it’s due. No more chasing down tenants, get your money immediately!

Local Management

When you own a turnkey property you want to ensure you are always available anytime a tenant issue arises, which can be extremely difficult. When you work with local management they’ll be there to answer any questions or fulfill any requests 24/7. This top-notch service will keep renters happy and encourage them to keep leasing!

Online Accounting Systems

Having an online accounting system is perfect for investors and is just another property management perk! Staying up late questioning turnkey rental income details? These online accounting systems are updated immediately and are available to view all day and night.

Broken? Someone Else Will Fix It

Rental property or not, homes come with a lot of maintenance. Luckily, property management also covers full-service maintenance, saving you time and money. This will take the burden off of your shoulders and will let you rest easy.

Incremental Income

Residual income is the level of income that an individual has after the deduction of all personal debts and expenses have been paid. To put it more simply, residual income is a way to make money without actively working. Investment Deals is a great way to get you on your path to making you money in your sleep.