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Detroit Turnkey Properties For Sale

Find Cash Flowing Turnkey Rental Properties in Detroit

Detroit Turnkey Properties For Sale

Browse our available turnkey properties in Detroit available for sale right now. Click any property below for more information or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Why Invest in Detroit Turnkey Properties?

Detroit Turnkey Properties are fully renovated homes that are ready for a new owner to move in and start living. These properties are often purchased as rental properties and come with property management services included. Investing in turnkey properties can be an excellent source of cash flow with very little active work involved.

Buying a turnkey property in Detroit can also offer several advantages. For one, these properties are often located in desirable neighborhoods and are in high demand among renters.

Additionally, buying a turnkey property allows investors to avoid the time, effort, and expense of renovating a property themselves. This can be especially beneficial for those who are new to real estate investing and may not have the experience or resources to tackle a renovation project.

Lastly, turnkey properties come filled with a paying tenant. This can save a ton of time and stress having to screen tenants and show the property. The turnkey rental property management will fully screen every tenant ensuring they can afford the rent and have a clean background.

Property Management Services Make Turnkey Rentals a Breeze

Property management is a key aspect of owning a turnkey property. This service typically includes advertising the property for rent, screening potential tenants, collecting rent, and handling any necessary repairs or maintenance. This can be a great advantage for investors who do not want to be involved in the day-to-day management of their properties.

With Deals in Detroit, we offer a full service property management services for our Detroit turnkey investors. From rehab, to screening, to rent collection and more, we’ll handle every aspect of managing your property so all you have to do is cash the check every month.

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We are a local investment property supplier to the Detroit turnkey market. This allows us to offer transactions with no added or extra agent fees. We also offer property maintenance, insurance deeds, local management, and more. Call today!