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You’ve done the work and now own an investment property. While it seems like smooth sailing from here forward that is rarely the case. One of the most important parts of owning a turnkey rental property is the work that comes after tenants move in. Here we’ll discuss things to consider while maintaining your property now and into the future.


While it may seem like a sure thing, many issues can arise with plumbing while the tenant is residing in the home. Water lines can break, pipes can leak, leading to water damage and declined property value. Not to mention, it’s quite frankly a pain in the butt to deal with.

Maintaining Roofing

Oftentimes new turnkey rental buyers will forget about maintaining one of the key elements of a house: the roof! A leaky roof can cause damage to your turnkey rental property during chaotic Michigan weather months. Ensuring roofing is up to standards and in good condition will save you a lot of time and energy later on.


Ensure the electrical in your turnkey property is as up to date as possible. Any broken sparks or improper wiring could result in power outages or even sparks, increasing the risk for a fire. Regular maintenance of household electrical should be completed by a professional before the tenant moves in.

We know buying a turnkey rental property involves maintenance that you don’t have time for. No worries! We offer full-service maintenance to handle anything that may arise on that property.