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The Christmas holiday excites people into shopping, gathering with family and friends, and participating in holiday activities. To get into the spirit of the season, it’s fun to decorate your home. When you live in a rental property, you might feel more limited by what you can do. Santa doesn’t want you to pout about it. Instead, be creative in finding ways to get festive with your turnkey rental property in Detroit.

The first step before imagining your rental home with decorations is finding out what you’re not allowed to do. That way, you won’t put some decorations up to be told to take it down or to be required to pay for damages later. Generally, landlords won’t want you to use paint, nails, or anything that will damage walls and surfaces. They may not allow live Christmas trees.

When asking about indoor rules, don’t forget to ask if you can place any decorations on the outside as well. Now comes the fun part: creative brainstorming. As you consider the type of look you want and how you’ll achieve it, think also of alternative non-damaging ways to place your decorations. We’ll cover some of the basics here and leave the rest to your imagination.

Charm with Wreaths and Garland

Nothing says welcome to Christmas more than a lovely wreath on the door or a length of garland hung about the room. Don’t fret about not being able to put hooks in the walls of your rented space. If you have walls, doors, and window casings with a flat, nonporous paint surface, use adhesive, non-damaging hooks of the right size for the project. Clean and dry the surface first, then follow directions to apply the hooks. Once the hooks are ready, hang the garland or wreath. If it’s too unwieldy to hang directly onto the hook, tie fishing line around the garland in the spot wish to place on the hook. Next, pull the string up to place on the hook. Since fishing line is clear, no one will notice it. You can hang other decorations in the same way as the garland. You can also string fishing line between hooks and add light ornaments or Christmas cards to the line by clothespins or paper clips, depending on the items. If you’re outside, you may have to put your hooks on the ceiling or other nonporous surface that will keep dry.

Bright Nights with Christmas Lights

Christmas lights may be all you need in your rented apartment, condo, or home. You can hang them in a similar way as the garland. To make the lights appear around the shape of a window, place the hooks all around the inside of the and thread the light string through. If you’re window has a screen, you might remove it to make the lights and any other window decorations, such as clings, more visible. Continuing indoors, consider lighting your tree, plants, bookcases, and anywhere you can set, wind, or secure lights. Wrap lights strings around any garland or wreaths you’ll be hanging, or buy pre-lit versions. With lights, the more, the merrier, giving your house a warm feeling at night. lighted decorations outdoors, especially if you have a front porch or a yard with your rental property so all can enjoy the Christmas scene you’ve created.

Fir, Spruce, Pine or Topiary?

Christmas trees are a symbol of the season. Big or small, your tree carries the same meaning. You can decorate large plants and topiaries, indoors and outdoors, as if they’re trees. Keep your bulb and ornament sizes appropriate to your tree or plant, being careful to not weigh the branches down. If you have kids or pets, make sure any tree is secure and the bottom, reachable layers of ornaments and lights are safe.

Adding Your Special Holiday Touches

As you add your collected, newly purchased and homemade decoration around your rental property, think about creating moments and honoring collections. You don’t have to put out all you own. If you don’t have many items, popcorn is cheap and work wells on a string alongside paper chains, snowflakes and angels. Whatever you have available to hang, alternative hanging materials to consider include binder clips, ribbons, and zip ties. Use colors that match your wall or your decorations to make them blend in. Look around your home for other creative ways to make your turnkey rental property as festive as any other home in Detroit or elsewhere.

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