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While we are stuck inside, now more than ever is a great time to start those home renovations to your turnkey property that you’ve probably been putting off. From fresh paint to easy wood finishes, redesigning your turnkey doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here we’ll discuss some inexpensive ways you can spruce up your property and get it ready to sell.

Freshen Up With Paint

A fresh coat of paint can really transform any room in your turnkey rental property. Best of all, it isn’t going to break the bank! Consider painting an accent wall to add a pop of color to any room. Colors like sage green, rust orange, and deep jewel tones are extremely modern and long-lasting. Even better, paint is still able to be easily ordered online and can get delivered right to your home or will be available for curbside pickup!

Update Handles and Doorknobs

It may sound trivial, but one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your turnkey is by updating property knobs and handles. The updated shine can add a modern touch and completely change the aesthetic of the entire room. Just make sure to keep updated knobs consistent in a closed-off space (same knobs for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) otherwise, things could look a little disjointed.

Finish Turnkey Wood

Staining can be easily done to almost any wooden surface and can transport your turnkey property into the 21st century. Typically speaking, a neutral base finish looks great on greyish toned wood while oak looks good with a cherry-tinted stain. Depending on the retailer, a satinwood finish can of stain could be as low as $3.99 and can be easily completed within a few hours. Now, who said that home renovations had to be time-consuming AND costly?

Today’s current environment is uncharted territory for almost every property owner. Consider what you can control within your turnkey, and what you can’t, and strive to think ahead. While you may not be able to rent or hold any in-person transactions, now would be the perfect time to get your property ready for future renters.

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