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While looking at Detroit turnkey rentals, there are many different elements to consider during your buying process. You may find yourself wondering: what is a property management and why do I need it? Here we’ll explain everything you need to know!

What Is a Property Manager?

A property manager is a person in charge of operating a real estate property when the owner or investor is unable to tend to regular maintenance. Property managers are hired to keep both renters and investors happy, guaranteeing your turnkey will end up on top. Not to mention, the peace of mind is worth every penny!

What Do Property Managers Take Care Of?

Property managers handle many different facets of turnkey rental properties including:

  • Online Accounting
  • Direct Rental Payments
  • Local Management
  • Full-Service Maintenance

Having these items taken care of takes pressure and stress off of the investor. Not to mention, when you work with a local property management company, they’ll be there to answer questions or fulfill requests 24/7.

Why Do You Need a Property Manager?

Have problems tracking down rent from your tenants? “Where is the money?!” may have come out of your mouth once or twice. The last thing you want is to find a turnkey rental and have a tenant that won’t pay up. Property managers keep tenants happy and your residual income flowing. From tracking down payment to appreciating the value of your property, a local property manager is a must!

Interested in all-inclusive Property Management Services? Contact Detroit Investment Deals! With over 40 years of managing business right here in Detroit, we can offer your turnkey the best-customized service.