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In the turnkey rental industry, it’s extremely important to have all facets of the operation on point. From having good tenents to dealing with routine maintenance, having a property manager is essential for a turnkey owner. But what attributes should you look for when hiring someone to handle your property? Here Detroit Investment Deals will discuss some of the traits you need to have in a property manager in 2020!

#1. Good Organizational Skills

Having great organization skills is beneficial in any career, but especially for property managers. You see, property managers have to deal with many facets of managing a property including maintenance and chasing down rent payments. It’s important to stay on top of these tasks to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. Being able to prioritize problems can also help keep headaches away from owners and investors.

#2. A “People Person”

It’s no secret that people with great communication skills get work done quicker, and more efficiently. A property manager that is good with people is able to keep tenants happy and rental maintenance running smoothly. A great property manager is also able to quickly resolve issues through discussion with tenants and contractors. Looking for a “people person” manager for your Detroit turnkey rental property? We got you covered!

#3. Tech-Savvy

COVID-19 taught every industry the importance of technology. Having a property manager that is tech-savvy is essential to keeping your turnkey well managed in 2020. It’s virtually impossible (no pun intended) to research potential tenants or run online accounting programs without being able to navigate technology. When searching for property managers keep this top of mind to ensure success.


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